Whether it fills you with Christmas spirit or you end up Scrooging your way through it, the Holiday Season is already here for retailers. One of the unsung heroes -or blasted traditions – is the small novelty gift. These seemingly pointless items provide us with a sweet little stocking filler for your family members or a secret santa for a colleague which can bring a few laughs round the office. Like with many of the Holiday season traditions this provides a retail opportunity and we have created a little guide to get you through the set up and sale of these little gems.

You are all professional retailers who must all be doing something right to remain profitable in such difficult times. At Fizz Creations we have had a lot of feedback from many customers about what works best for them each holiday season and we would love to share these thoughts with you. You are probably doing most of them already but if you can glean the odd good idea from the experience of our other customers then it will have been worth taking a couple of minutes to read this:

  1. Have your smaller novelty items close to counter which will ensure you are open to the last minute stocking filler grab. These items don’t usually require the same level of thought or scrutiny by a consumer, they are most likely additional items for people so they are picked up on a whim, on sight. It is no secret that consumers waiting in a queue will pick up more on their way to pay so make the most of those impulse buys!
  2. Have a wider variety of stocking fillers present and keeping them in one place will ensure that consumers are both drawn to the ranges available and more likely to pick up multiple items in one go. People often have multiple stockings to fill so getting in a variety of different, smaller items optimises sales by catering to lots of different tastes.
  3. Offers, offers, offers! Especially a mix and match stocking filler multibuy, there is a reason it has been a retail staple during the holiday season for the last few years. This is the most expensive time of year for consumers and they want to know they are getting a good deal on their smaller items. This is also great for getting consumers to purchase higher quantities from one shop – make that your shop.
  4. Stocking fillers and novelty items are great for Secret Santa and joke gifts alike, so attractive and bright Point of Sale material will really grab the right attention. Really promote any offers you have on, and also make sure to highlight that you are stocking a range of novelty items so that people will know to come in and have a browse!
  5. Make sure to have enough stock to carry you through to the last minute you are open on Christmas Eve. Never forget that although the crazy early Christmas shoppers are out in force already, you will always get a lot of Christmas eve custom from those people who are just too busy, too forgetful or just wanted to pretend it wasn’t happening.

And with all this you should be well on your way to ensuring that every household has been gifted at least one fun thing they do not possibly have a need or use for – because practical gifts are just not what it is all about.

Want to stock up on the Stocking Filler treats and Secret Santa surprises and not worry about the rest? Go here for our recommended novelty gifts for this Christmas.