Upcoming Exhibitions

Exhibition Date Stand
Spring Fair 2nd – 6th February 2020 Hall 4 F30-G31
HK Gift & Premium Fair 27th – 30th April 2020 1B C02
Autumn Fair 6th – 9th  September 2020 Hall 6 F70-G71
HK Mega Fair 20th – 23rd October 2020 3C-C8 & C10

If you’d like to meet us at one of our exhibitions, get in touch at sales@fizzcreations.com!

Fizz Show Stand Spring Fair 2018

At Fizz, we travel the world showing off…

To put that another way: We book stands at all the major Gift and Toy shows around the world. Not only so we can have freebie trips, drink foreign alcohol and eat exotic food, but so that we can show our customers, potential customers and anyone who cares to breeze by what we have been doing, what great ideas we have and what lovely products we can make.

At each and every show we strive to have something better and more innovative than our last show, new products are the lifeblood of our business and we know we have to continue pushing the boundaries with new, fresh and exciting ideas.

Come along and see us at one of the exhibitions below – look at the pictures of all our displays on our eye catching stand – we know how to show off a product or two!!

I know there are no customers on it, but the pictures were taken before the show had opened – honest!

We look forward to seeing you at one of the Exhibitions and who knows we might even give you a coffee!

Fizz Show Stand Spring Fair 2018