Squishmallows Sensation: Unveiling Our Irresistible Gifting Range!

Squishmallows Sensation: Unveiling Our Irresistible Gifting Range!

We are delighted to announce a brand-new adventure as we leap into the world of plush joy with – SQUISHMALLOWS! This fizz-tastic news sees us gain the license for SQUISHMALLOWS, giving us the opportunity to continue the trend of super cute gifting. We are excited to be working with Jazwares and are thrilled to share this news with you all.

Expect to see some wonderful products, all featuring the super cute mallows themselves. From Fifi the Fox to Cam the Cat, everyone will be able to enjoy their favourite characters in special Fizz style!

From innovative lighting and kitchen gadgets to classic gifting sets, we’re adding life to every character in new vibrant forms!

Let’s kick off the fun with a dazzling array of lighting treasures… Introducing the Squishmallows Neon Lights – a trio of vibrant characters: Cam the Cat, Fifi the Fox, and Winston the Owl. Let their neon-trimmed glow brighten up any space with charm and cheer. Plus, with handy ear holes for easy wall mounting, these lights are as practical as they are playful. Bring on the fun and light up your world!

Powered by an included USB cable, these lights can be placed anywhere in your room allowing you to customise your space however you want!

Enjoy your favourite mallows at any time of the day with our collection of Kitchen Appliances. Whether you are looking for a filling breakfast or a tasty treat, this range offers endless fun throughout your day.

The Cam the Cat Waffle Maker features a super cute design that creates wonderful, round, SQUISHMALLOWS waffles in no time at all. Simply plug the machine in, wait for it to heat and pour in your mix before closing the lid and letting the magic happen. Within just minutes your hot treat is ready to enjoy!
Fancy something smaller? Why not try the 4-piece, Squish Squad Waffle Machine. The smaller characters make for a great snack whilst still maintaining the effortless efficiency!

We hope you’re ready to dive into the fun of 2024 at Fizz! We’d love you to join us on this journey.

The SQUISHMALLOWS range will be available from late summer across the UK, Europe and USA – to find out more about the range and pre-order stock email sales@fizzcreations.com.

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