Fun with Fizz: Unveiling Our Exciting New Collections!

Fun with Fizz: Unveiling Our Exciting New Collections!

We’re thrilled to kick off year with a bang! From shortlisted selections, to award winning products and the fantastic trade shows, we are delighted with the start to 2024. So why not enjoy yet another exciting leap with us, as we proudly unveil our latest creations!

From fresh and innovative ranges that push the boundaries of creativity to exciting additions to our beloved classic collections, and even a focus on what we do best… novelty! There’s something for everyone to explore.

There is no better place to start than with the vibrancy of DISCO! Disco transcends generations, inviting both current ravers and nostalgic hip hop lovers to the dance floor, uniting them in the spirit of the party. With a range of novelty lighting and gifts, you can bring the pulsating vibes of disco into your own home, creating an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can groove to the beat. Whether you’re reliving the past or embracing the present, disco offers a timeless celebration where all are welcome to join in the rhythm of life.

Kicking off the range is the wonderful USB Disco Ball Light! Transform your workspace into a dance floor. Simply plug into any USB port and watch as it casts a disco vibe. The ductile cable allows you to angle the compact light in any direction, providing a customised atmosphere. Elevate your surroundings and infuse some fun into your day, the perfect addition to your celebrations.

The party never ends with our Disco String Lights! This captivating set boasts ten vibrant lights, each casting a spellbinding spectrum of colours. Powered by batteries, they offer effortless portability, allowing you to effortlessly transform any space into a wonderland! Whether you’re hosting a lively gathering or simply adding a touch of magic to your home decor, these lights are sure to ignite joy and create unforgettable moments.

Boost your day-to-day routine with a touch of novelty as you carry the party life wherever you go. With its sleek design and effortless functionality, this Disco Bottle Opener is the perfect accessory to get the party started anytime, anywhere! Make every moment a celebration.

Introducing All Things Tiny! Our brand-new range of novelty goodness ready to provide hilarious, mysterious, and relaxing moments with this selection of miniature marvels for all to enjoy. All Things Tiny – where big fun comes in small packages!

Not sure where to start? Well why not ask our All Things Tiny Crystal Ball! Unveil the mysteries with this entertainment piece as you ask life’s big questions and wait for the magic of the crystal ball to help your decision-making process. Simply ask your burning questions and let the enchanting Crystal Ball provide you with mystical answers.

We all know that one person who is just slightly dramatic! With the All Things Tiny Violin, you can make your own joke on their misfortune as you enjoy a silent yet sensational novelty that brings laughter to the forefront! Serenade your friends, creating a symphony of joy in the palm of your hand. Unleash charm and lift the mood as you and your friends a laughter-filled occasion.

Completing the range is the All Things Tiny Pocket Therapist. This delightful character is ready to be squished and squeezed as you relieve your stress throughout the day! Your very own therapist that fits perfectly in your pocket, ready to be of service whenever you need. Dive into the joy of the including miniature comic book as the charming illustrations and light-hearted stories lift your mood and brighten your day. The perfect set for on-the-go relaxation!

From one wonderful character to another, welcome Maurice the Mushroom Frog to the Fizz family! This super cute mushroom frog character is ready to always lift your mood, providing a growing range of gifting for all to cherish. Launching the range is the endearing Mushroom Frog Stress Squeezer! Take it wherever you go, letting its squishy charm melt away your worries wherever you need it.

Keep your eyes peeled for the expansion of the range later in the year! 👀

100345 Mushroom Frog Stress Squeezer Lifestyle

I promised you novelty, and there is plenty more of it to come… If this hasn’t been enough yet, then you are sure to love the true novelty of our kitchen lines!

Introducing the Scooter Pizza Cutter – the wheel deal for slicing up your favourite pizza! Embrace the beloved tradition of pizza with a dash of Italian flair, as this cutter brings a slice of pure culture to your kitchen, with its unique Scooter design featuring two rolling cutter wheels, allowing you to effortlessly drive your way across the pizza. Get ready to roll through your pizzas with ease and style, making every mealtime an adventure on wheels. Say ‘ciao’ to boring pizza nights and let the Scooter Pizza Cutter deliver the perfect slice every time!

Picture the scene… You have just finished a long week of work, and make it home ready for a chilled night in front of the TV, you slip into some cosy socks and get to enjoy every single sip of your favourite craft beer. Luxury!
This Craft Beers Socks & Glass set combines those delightful feelings into one product. Enhance your craft beer experience with the stylish socks and the vibrant, eye-catching pint glass. The perfect pairing for beer enthusiasts.
The funky sock design features a fun message on the sole – ‘Eternally Hop-ing for more beer’ (UK Size 7-11).
The pattern on the glass embraces trendy illustrations that leave you wanting to shout ‘CHEERS’!!

There’s no better place to end than with the growth of our best-selling Fizz classic collection: MAD-CAP! Yet another interactive game has been added to the MAD-CAP offering to join the likes of Sumo Squats. Presenting – Bug Eyed.

Slip on the unique ‘bug-eyed’ glasses and tackle tasks with impaired visions for added hilarity. Complete with 3 ping pong balls, 30 cards, 6 paper shot glasses, and 12 flies, each task offers a mix of skill, difficulty, and outrageous action. Ideal for family game nights, Bug Eyed guarantees endless fun and memorable moments!

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