After claiming victory in 2022 with our Tetris Waffle Maker prize, we are back with a BANG! I am super excited to announce that we have been selected as finalists in the 2024 B&LLA Awards!

Our entry of the HARIBO Beauty Gifting range has made the finals in the – Best Brand Licensed Health & Beauty Product or Range. BUT WAIT… The glory doesn’t end there! – Our NASA Gift collection has reached the finals in the – Best Brand Licensed Gifting Product or Range!

HARIBO Beauty Range – Best Brand Licensed Health & Beauty Product or Range

Introducing the sensational HARIBO beauty range, curated exclusively for Primark in 2023! With success both in stores and on social media, this collection has captivated hearts with its delightful charm and effectiveness. A must have for HARIBO enthusiasts and beauty gurus alike, this set is designed to infuse your daily routine with vibrancy and warmth! Each product features an iconic Starmix design, ensuring you indulge in your favourite treats in more ways than one.

Enjoy the sweet sensation of beauty with HARIBO – because every day deserves a touch of sweetness!

Indulge in delicious goodness, anytime of the day with HARIBO! This collection includes the HARIBO Gold Bear Paddle Brush, HARIBO Cola Hair Clips, HARIBO Cherry Beauty Blenders, HARIBO Fried Egg Scalp Massager, HARIBO Starmix Facial Cleaning Pads, HARIBO Gold Bear Heatless Hair Curlers. Whether you are looking for a boost to our skincare routine or a simplified way to your ideal hair style, these items offer something to every beautician.

We are delighted to be nominated for this award alongside some other brilliant candidates, however we hope you can join us in keeping our fingers crossed and hair curled as we await that all important news next month!

NASA – Space Gifting Range – Best Brand Licensed Gifting Product or Range

After the launch of our NASA inspired gifting, the collection took off, reaching new heights in the world of innovation. Every aspiring astronaut has something to enjoy within this product lineup. From the Fizz classics of lighting and puzzles to the inclusion of novelty lines and futuristic designs that celebrate everything about our galaxy!

This assortment of creativity was specifically produced to inspire everyone! Whether it’s a boost in productivity, encouraging a nighttime routine, or advancing the journey towards your next mission, this selection is the perfect way to achieve your goals. The variety in this gifting provides all types or new challenges!

Looking for a fun and skillful way to explore the mysteries of the universe? Look no further than the NASA 1000 Piece Puzzle. That’s one small step for man, one giant… PUZZLE! Capturing the breathtaking imagery of Apollo-11, this piece will engage you for hours with satisfying puzzle-solving, ensuring you are over the moon when it is complete!

Need your own space? Why not create some atmosphere in your area with the NASA lighting! The NASA Lava Lamp is sure to be a dominant force in your room adding a galactic groove. The sleek rocket-inspired glass vessel and sturdy base makes this piece suitable for anywhere in your home. Watch as the red ‘lava’ flows and bubbles with the clear liquid, creating a relaxing and calming ambiance.

Something smaller? Sure! Explore this NASA Logo Light. ‘The stars don’t look bigger, but they do look brighter’ – Release a vibrant glow anywhere in your room with this USB Powered piece. At 22cm tall, this logo light is sure to look great day and night, making it the perfect gift for any space enthusiast!
There is so much more to explore, so check out the wonders of NASA – HERE.

Please join us once again with eager anticipation and boundless joy as we celebrate this remarkable achievement. Your presence adds to the excitement of the moment, and we eagerly await the forthcoming news with bated breath!

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