Embracing the Warmth of Winter with Nostalgic Gaming and Timeless Classics

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Embracing the Warmth of Winter with Nostalgic Gaming and Timeless Classics

Picture this: a crackling fireplace, a steaming mug of cocoa, and the soft glow of your gaming screen illuminating the room. In this cosy ambiance, the experience of relishing classic and nostalgia-filled games becomes truly magical. It’s a journey back in time, a chance to rediscover the games that once fueled our imaginations and offered endless hours of entertainment. It’s every gamers dream!

From iconic ideas to modern masterpieces, our licensed gifting lines cover all the joy that gaming has to offer. From the communities that cherish Tetris & PAC-MAN to the ever-growing fanbase of Sonic the Hedgehog, we have something for everyone. The perfect novelty purchases to ideal Christmas presents and stocking fillers, join us in this journey through time and technology.

There are many celebrations to be had with Sonic the Hedgehog. With an all-time peak in popularity, the brand has continued to grow and sprint into new opportunities. With the release of the second film being such a success last year, we are excited to prepare for the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in 2024. But that’s not all! A BRAND-NEW Sonic Superstars game sees yet another boom for everyone’s favourite Hedgehog, making our range the perfect chance to join the hype.

2174 Sonic and Tails Comic Ons Lifestyle3 SQUARE

The Fizz exclusive brand of Comic Ons brings your favourite characters into your home! These collectable sets each feature two wonderful figures that can be stuck to the wall effortlessly. The inclusion of the sticker decal sheet allows your imagination to take over as you piece together a unique scene from the classic Green Hill zone. Fly through the skies collecting the iconic gold rings as you go!

With two Comic Ons sets on offer, there is something for every fan to enjoy. Choose between the classic of Sonic & Tails or introduce yourself to the beloved characters of Knuckles & Dr. Eggman. Don’t miss the opportunity to add some decoration to your gaming set-up, making the perfect gift for all!

In the current crave of gaming setups, everyone is looking to create their own heaven. Where state of the art equipment, meets novelty lighting. Sonic enthusiasts can inspire their surroundings with the vibrant additions of our energising items. The Sonic Tubez Light couldn’t be easier to use and it’s even portable so you can take it anywhere. Simply twist the top of the plastic tube to light it up and then keep twisting to adjust the light to your preference. You’ll get a colourful glow wherever you choose to place it, whether that’s on a desk, shelf or next to your bed – the possibilities are endless!

This is the perfect gift for avid gamers and fans of the world’s fastest hedgehog, featuring the unmistakable face of Sonic who’ll keep you company all through the night. Its flexibility of power makes this product a standout. Powered by either USB or 3 x AAA Batteries, gamers can choose how the solution that works for them!

320066 Sonic Tubez Light Lifestyle
2034 Tetris Waffle Maker Kitchen

Enjoy a blast from the past with Tetris. A global fanbase of nostalgia lovers makes space for our gifting assortment. As the nights close in, a cosy night of gaming sparks great enjoyment, but every gaming evening needs snacks! Out Tetris Tetrimino Waffle Maker is the perfect way to enjoy a long session. The sleek design creates great shaped treats in moments. A delicious serving of tasty Tetriminoes ready to energise your experience.

An ideal addition to breakfast, this Waffle Maker becomes a family favourite and the best way to add delightful servings to Christmas morning!

B&LLA Awards 2022 – Inspired Innovation Brand Licensed Product or Range Award

Switch screens for physical gaming with the Tetris Brain Teaser Puzzle. This 3D A5 puzzle board comes set with 7 wooden coloured Tetrimino pieces ready to challenge your puzzling and problem-solving skills. Encapsulating the fun and addictive nature of Tetris in the form of a flat wooden puzzle board.

There are multiple ways to solve the puzzle so get creative and start moving and rotating those Tetriminoes just like in the game. When you’ve filled out the entire grid you can proudly display your puzzle prowess or start over and try to find another solution.

Trust us, it is harder than it looks!

Tetris 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle
Fizz Creations PAC-MAN Keyring Arcade Mirror

Dive into the timeless world of PAC-MAN with the Keyring Arcade Game the ultimate gaming on the go solution! This miniature arcade brings the classic PAC-MAN experience to the palm of your hand, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of chasing ghosts and gobbling pellets wherever you are. Featuring an authentic PAC-MAN level, Original Sounds + Gameplay LCD screen, this keyring delivers nostalgia in a compact package. With 4-Directional Controls and the convenience of a keyring, you can easily transport the excitement of PAC-MAN wherever life takes you – be it on travels, trips, at work, or in the comfort of your home.

It’s the perfect stocking filler for any gaming devotee, offering endless hours of fun across the festive season. Embrace the joy of gaming on the go with this must-have PAC-MAN keyring!

PAC-MAN partakes in another addition of Comic Ons. The newest feature of the range sees PAC-MAN & Blinky come to life. Use the included set of vinyl sticker to complete your scene, as you collect power pellets and dodge the pesty Ghosts. Create your own maze as reach a new high score!

Bored of your unique creation or simply want to change up your area? Simply remove the characters and stickers from your wall and reapply in a new pattern or position. By wetting and drying the back adhesive sticker, your Comic Ons are as good as new, ready to indulge in your new scene!

Be sure to explore the entirety of our gaming lines and STOCK UP NOW!

The remaining collections of Sonic, Tetris & PAC-MAN are all joined by Harry Potter, SEGA Mega Drive and an abundance of Lighting waiting for you…

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