Fizz Creations – Home of the Perfect Christmas Gifts!

Fizz Creations – Home of the Perfect Christmas Gifts!

Christmas. The season of gifting, making memories, food, and more gifting! If only it was that simple… If you are like most people, choosing the perfect gift is harder than it seems. But not to fear, Fizz Creations are here!

The daunting task becomes an effortless activity as you explore our wide range of options, guaranteed to provide the perfect family atmosphere on Christmas morning. From stocking fillers and family games, to licensed lines and lighting, we have everything you need to inspire your present selections and show your loved ones how much you really care about them.

So, strap yourself in and prepare for the festive journey of the Fizz Creations 2023 gift guide!

During this jolly season, games weave a delightful tapestry of laughter and competition, transforming simple gatherings into cherished family traditions at Christmas. Our array of games come together to make ideal family gifts as you create lasting memories.

Our first featured gift comes from The Games Room collection. The well received expansion of this selection earlier in the year saw 7 brand new inclusions. One of which was Billionaires Race to Space.

It’s time for TAKE-OFF with this unique game that allows you to create your own board using the 52 shaped cards. Before battling it out whilst racing to the victorious planet GOLD!
With each game, players will get a different route to reach the finish, keeping the excitement and challenge fresh every time.
You must use strategy and decision-making skills to set you on your way to a smooth journey.

One wrong move and face a consequential Blackhole!!!

There are 3 different ways to play, allowing you to choose between the length of game you are looking for, ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

The variety in this game allows all to be involved, weather its game time, increasing creativity or putting tactics to the test, everyone can enjoy the intensity and face paced nature of Billionaires Race to Space!

Billionaire Blog Image

No younger influence to accommodate for? Then prepare to dive into the detective world and support your partner in a world of problem-solving mayhem. Solve the Case is the ultimate night-in escape room experience. 5 unique playthroughs combine to make an hour-long escape room extravaganza!

Packaged in a portable suitcase, players must use their skills to think outside of the case and solve the mystery that awaits them. Each play comes with a set of cards that will guide you through the game, helping you in your path to the hidden treasure… You’ll be immersed in a world of intrigue as you work your way through each level.

Perfect for family game nights, date nights, or even team-building exercises, Solve the Case is the ultimate way to challenge your mind and have fun at the same time. With an age recommendation of 12+, this escape room game is ideal for seasoned pro!

100165 Solve the case Lifestyle2

The next stop on the Fizz Creations express, lands us in a world of vibrancy and fun. A destination of creativity and innovation. Here, the spotlight shines on our wonderful range of lighting, illuminating this imaginative realm with a vast collection to suit every style and preference.

Lighting serves as the ideal present, casting warm glows and creating an inviting atmosphere in every room. It’s the key to perfect decorations and transforming spaces with its magical aura. There is no better place to start with this key of all things magical, The Unicorn Mood Light.

Unicorn Mood Light

A Fizz classic! The Unicorn Mood Light is a stalwart in the brand of Fizz, having followed our progressive journey across many years. After all this time, this super cute character continues to produce magic every year with its special colour changing effect bringing life to any room. Softly flowing through 7 different colours, the portable light creates a relaxing scene wherever it is placed, acting as a loving friend for any young unicorn fan.

Being battery powered, this light offers versatility and therefore will become a hit of Christmas morning gifting.

The magic doesn’t have to stop there… introducing the Rainbow Dimmer Light – a mesmerising multi-coloured rainbow arch that brightens your space via the included USB cable. With a simple touch of your finger, experience seamless dimming, transforming vibrant hues into a soothing soft glow. Perfect for any mood, this unique feature sets our Rainbow Dimmer Light apart, illuminating your life in vibrant shades or gentle radiance!

Add to the burst of colour with extra happiness as you surprise your loved ones with this thoughtful rainbow cascade. Infuse any space with cheer and create countless memorable moments, making every day a celebration of light and laughter.

A folkloric tale of Saint Nicholas and a despondent family has evolved over many years to become the beloved tradition of Christmas Stockings. Cheap and cheerful novelty gifts have come to be a treasured part of this heritage, and there is no better place to find the perfect novelty lines than here!

It is time to say goodbye to messy shaving and hello to Beard Buddy! The ultimate grooming companion. With its innovative hook and sucker design, this bib effortlessly attaches to your mirror, providing a mess-free shaving experience. From stray hairs to collective catches, this bib is the ideal upgrade to ensure of a hassle-free grooming experience. Group the hairs and reduce time cleaning up!

For added convenience, the Beard Buddy Shaving Bib also comes with a sleek travel bag. Whether you’re on a business trip or a weekend getaway, you can easily pack it up and maintain your grooming routine wherever you go. Experience effortless shaving and easy portability with the Beard Buddy Shaving Bib and its included travel bag.

Fizz Creations Beard Buddy Shaving Bib

Time to ramp up the festivity. What’s more festive than one mince pie product? TWO MINCE PIE PRODUCTS! The Christmas activities have just got serious… Whilst you eagerly wait for dinner, dive back into your stocking to discover the Marching Mince Pies. Wind them up and watch them race as you go head-to-head with family and friends to become the winner. From one side of the table to the other, these super cute mince pie friends become a competitive part of Christmas!

Alternatively, reach into your stocking once more and prepare to impress your family with these Mince Pie Juggling Balls. Put your skills to the test and produce an impressive display of hand-eye coordination with added themed style. 3 juggling balls feature unique designs on each, as these cute characters bring a smile to the faces of you and all your guests!

Marching Mince Pies & Juggling Balls

Calling all movie lovers! Illuminate your space with our JAWS, Back to the Future, & E.T. Poster Lights – a must-have for film enthusiasts. Powered by USB and easily wall mountable, these lights are perfect for fans of these Universal classic films. Whether it’s day or night, set the mood for a movie marathon and transform your room into a cinematic haven. Imagine cosy winter nights, wrapped up with your loved ones, cherishing family gatherings under the warm glow of these iconic movie posters. Make every night in a cherished memory with these brilliant lights.

There is no better final destination than SLUSH PUPPiE! What we have all been waiting for…

An eventful year saw everyone’s favourite pup develop a brand-new look as our award-winning range expanded seeing a fresh update and extra lines to enjoy the famous blue tongue look, like never before.

The simplest slush solution comes from this slushie machine. The original best-selling SLUSH PUPPiE Maker has seen a style guide glow up! Now incorporating the new puppie design to make creating delectable slush as fun as ever. Featuring convenient guides on the jug to aid with making, this machine gives you customisation as you pick between a coarse or fine style. For a smooth consistency, use the fine setting to help crush your ice into smaller shredding’s, or enjoy a crunch with the coarse setting providing larger ice chunks.

Complete with 4 vibrant cups & straws, there is simply no better way to stay energized, savouring the legendary slush!

Slush Puppie Small Machine Lifestyle

Expand your taste with the SLUSH PUPPiE 4 Pack Syrups. Captivate the taste buds of the entire family with an array of flavours that cater to every preference. Each 180ml bottle bursting with irresistible Cola, Blue Raspberry, Lemon & Lime, and Strawberry, ready to create smiles and unforgettable moments of shared joy.

The 4 Pack Syrups is incredibly efficient, producing up to 1 litre of slush per bottle. Compatible with any domestic appliance, this set is the ideal choice for parties, gatherings, or simply satisfying your craving for icy goodness.

Maximize your SLUSH PUPPiE experience with the large 500ml bottles in the 2 Pack Syrups. Unleash nostalgia with every bottle, creating up to 3 litres of wonderful slush. Compatible with a domestic SLUSH PUPPiE appliance, these large bottles bring long lasting delight. Whether you’re aiming for the famous blue-tongue effect, or a refreshing treat in the sun, these 500ml Syrups have the whole family covered.

SLUSH PUPPiE Syrup Packs

What are you waiting for… Get gifting and provide families with the ultimate Christmas experiences NOW!

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