Jolly Gifting Delights: A Christmas Guide for the Joyful Surprises of Kid’s Gifting!

Jolly Gifting Delights: A Christmas Guide for the Joyful Surprises of Kid’s Gifting!

Unwrap the magic of giving with our Kids Gifting Guide! From captivating games to enchanting lighting, we’ve got everything you need for the perfect holiday surprises that will spark joy in every child’s heart!

Children’s love for their favourite characters has no bounds, creating a unique opportunity for memorable and cherished gifts. By bringing these beloved characters to life, we not only tap into their imagination but also create a connection that transcends the screen or page.

At Fizz Creations, there is such thing as a Gruffalo! With our range of games and lighting, every fan can enjoy this mischievous monster from the comfort of their own home. The Gruffalo Wooden Stacking Game features 10 high-quality wooden character pieces.
Find any stable formation to build your display, keeping your cool, placing each piece without knocking down the tower!

This fun and interactive game is great for children 4 and up, designed with classic and wonderful illustrations that perfectly capture the Gruffalo’s terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws, his knobbly knees and turned-out toes and the poisonous wart at the end of his nose!

Get ready for an epic adventure—it’s race time in the fantastical world of the Gruffalo’s friends! Dive into the excitement with the Zog Build a Dragon Game, where you become the puzzle champion by completing your very own fire-breathing dragon of Zog and his friends.

Roll the dice, collect your pieces, and dash towards victory in this fast-paced and thrilling game. It’s not just a game—it’s a dragon quest filled with laughter and excitement! Perfect for fans ages 3 and up, this game features six different puzzles to conquer, ensuring endless fun for everyone.

From one set of loveable characters to another… Dive into the world of endless surprises with L.O.L Surprise, where captivating games and adorable collectibles collide for a thrilling experience like no other!

Enjoy puzzle perfection with this LOL Surprise 400 Piece Puzzle. This unique, captivating puzzle set includes four 100-piece puzzles, each showcasing a different beloved character from the world of LOL Surprise! But here’s the twist: once completed, these individual puzzles cleverly interlock to form one magnificent large piece.

Characters include – Neon QT, Diva, Queen B & MC Swag!

With its vibrant illustrations and intricate designs, this puzzle is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment, challenge, and satisfaction.

LOL Surprise 400pc Puzzle4

Introducing Comic Ons™, the collectibles that don’t require a shelf. This new, Fizz exclusive brand, brings your favourite characters to life. Use the included set of vinyl stickers to complete your empowering catwalk couture scene with the Mc Swag & Queen Bee ready to slay that runway!

These collectable figurines have a 3D front and a flat back, allowing you to stick them to the wall. There are endless possibilities… Simply peel the sticker on the back of your Comic Ons and stick to the wall. Comic Ons can be removed from your wall and placed in a new position when you wish to change the scene. To reapply, simply wet and dry the back sticker and place it in a new position!

Two characters included. – No shelf necessary – Reusable gel pads – A5 Sheet of vinyl stickers.

Energise your life with Tubez! These stylish lights feature from the Fizz exclusive brand of Tubez. A unique design that brings your favourite characters to life. With unique features to add enjoyment, simplicity and convenience, these lights are the perfect light for any occasion. Whether it is to inspire gaming sessions, set the mood for a relaxing evening or even to take with you on your travels, this brand is the ideal solution to keep you company.

Powered by either USB or 3x AAA Batteries, you can place your light anywhere in your home!

Tubez feature adjustable brightness options. Simply twist the top of the plastic tube to light it up and then keep twisting to adjust the light to your preference. A colourful glow is guaranteed whatever brightness you choose.

Give your surroundings some supersonic light with the Sonic the Hedgehog Tubez light, featuring everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog. Or, explore the meddling world of Minions, featuring a familiar face to keep you company, inspiring your next mission of mischief!

To round off this gift guide, we visit a land of joy and cheer with Care Bears. Our brand-new Care Bears String Lights can transform any space adding a magical glow wherever you put them! Featuring multiple beloved characters to create an enchanting atmosphere. With their vibrant colours and adorable designs, these string lights add life and joy to any corner of your home. Powered by batteries, they offer the flexibility to be placed anywhere you desire. Perfect for bedrooms, playrooms, or even parties, these Care Bears String Lights are the ultimate accessory to bring warmth and cheer to your living space. Let the Care Bears brighten up your world, one twinkling light at a time!

350047 Care Bear String Lights Image Lifestyle Close Up2_

What are you waiting for? Explore the remaining joy that Fizz has to offer NOW!

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