‘Tis (almost) the Season! – Explore our Festive Opportunities NOW…

‘Tis (almost) the Season! – Explore our Festive Opportunities NOW…

Jingle all the way into the holiday season with Fizz Creations, your ultimate destination for spreading festive cheer! Embrace the merry madness and start your Christmas celebrations early by exploring our treasure trove of gifting delights. From awesome licensed goodies to themed presents, we’ve got it all! Create unforgettable moments and cherished memories for your friends and family.

Indulge in the joy of the holiday season with our delightful selection of festive games! 🎄
Treat yo’elf and your loved ones to a world of wonderful entertainment this Christmas. Dive into a collection that seamlessly blends exciting activities, brain-teasing problem-solving, and all-around novelty fun! It’s the perfect way to spread cheer and create lasting memories for all ages.

Experience a cosy night in front of the fireplace, as you enjoy the challenge of our popular, Help Save Christmas Day Escape Room. It is your job to work together to stop the mischievous elves and save Christmas! Work around the house, looking for clues in each room to progress and race to solve all 4 puzzles before time runs out. Featuring a 60-minute playtime and 5 unique playthroughs, this escape room game offers a huge amount of replay value even after you and your team complete it for the first time. So… Put your brains together and master the tasks without giving up – Christmas depends on it!

Fizz Creations Christmas Lifestyle Escape Room

Elevate your corporate celebrations with our Naughty Elf Knockout Squat Game – a unique spin on our best-selling Sumo Squats! Challenge your opponents in a race against time, combining squats and elf hooking for a spirited and laughter-filled experience. The comprehensive set includes a durable belt, 5 charming elves, a game ring, and a sand timer, ensuring seamless gameplay. Gather your friends and family, and let the jolly competition begin! Perfect for adding a dose of festive fun to your holiday gatherings.


Capture the spirit of Christmas with The Grinch! Create magical moments with our range of games, novelty items and gift sets, making it an ideal choice for spreading joy and laughter during the festive period. Who needs mistletoe when you’ve got Grinch gifts? They’ll steal anyone’s heart!

Fizz Creations Grinch Advent Calendar Lifestyle

Spread the Whoville jolly across your own home, as you countdown to the big day. This Grinch Advent Calendar combines entertainment with beautiful decorations. The calendar guides youngsters through a cheerful journey of holiday-themed tasks, revealing the next door once you have completed it! Not just limited to activities, every door reveals a charming hanging decoration, each featuring a different character or design. There is no better way to celebrate Grinchmas than inspiring creativity, joy and creating memories with all the family. With 24 doors, activities and decorations in total, this Grinch piece fuels your festive excitement right through the month.

Santa paws is comin’ to town… and he’s bringing gifts for our tail-wagging companions! Christmas is a time of togetherness, and that includes our furry friends. With our Grinch pet toys, even dogs can revel in the holiday magic. Available in the iconic Grinch-shaped head or the adorable Max the dog design, these toys bring holiday cheer to the canine world. Each toy is equipped with a squeaker, adding an element of playful joy to your dog’s festivities. Perfect for playing around the house, it’s a heartwarming way to ensure every member of the family feels the magic of Christmas.

Grinch Pet Toy
Max Pet Toy

2167F Grinch Pet Toy Lifestyle2 (1)

It has been over 40 years since The Snowman first flew across our screens, which makes it even more impressive that he remains as popular as ever! The classic Christmas character brings comfort to fans who cherish the memories of their favourite Snowman. With our collection of themed gifting lines, we hope to bring some nostalgia and additional cheer to an already enjoyable time. With a wide variety of pick-up games, novelty lines and multiple products to add warmth to you and your home!

Fizz Creations Snowman Mood Light Front On

The Snowman’s unforgettable smile plays a part in his love and charm. Well with this Mood Light, you can bring the Snowman to life as you illuminate any area with the vibrant glow of this shaped piece. At 19cm’s tall, this light makes a great ornamental decoration in the day before lighting up your life at night, adding a sense of safety to your nighttime routine. Its portable nature, powered by batteries, allows you to place it anywhere in your home, creating a cosy atmosphere in an instant. Perfect for holiday gatherings or adding a touch of delight to everyday life, letting the cheerful glow brighten up your winter days!

Christmas day is always made better with an early start… Well, this set can ensure you get a brilliant night’s sleep, giving you energy for an early morning and day full of activities and eating!! This Snowman Eye Mask & Sock Set gives you ultimate comfort and relaxation after a long day. Slip into the warm cosy socks before placing the blackout sleep mask over your eyes when you are ready for bed. Stay nice and warm whilst limiting distractions as you prepare for frantic joys of Christmas!
The adjustable strapped sleep mask and one size fits most socks make this a perfect set for any Snowman lover.

Fizz Creations The Snowman Eye Mask and Socks

What are you waiting for? STOCK UP NOW and provide the perfect Christmas for families across the country!

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