From Plush to Powerhouse: Introducing Squishmallows at Fizz Creations

Original Squishmallows by Jazwares partnered with Fizz Creations

From Plush to Powerhouse: Introducing Squishmallows at Fizz Creations

If you attended Spring FairSpielwarenmesseDistoy or Astra this year, you’ll already be aware of our latest partnership with Jazwares, and even have had the first look at our fantastic collection of Squishmallows merchandise, including lighting, kitchen gadgets and homeware, launching from September 2024 and available for pre-order now!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with such a brilliant brand, and wanted to take the opportunity to introduce them properly so that you can enjoy the buzz, too! Read on to find out more about Squishmallows, and view the first pieces in this collection.

Squish squad neon light, cam the cat waffle maker and winston the owl mood light

Squishing Numbers

With numbers not just in the millions, but billions, here’s why you should be as excited about this collaboration as we are… 

Famed for its unique, super adorable–characters and their ultra-soft tactility, Squishmallows takes “cute and cuddly” to the next level! And you do not have to look hard to see evidence of the brand’s growing success. Boasting sales of over 400 million pieces, over 100 of which came from 2023 alone, it’s officially reached global top-selling toy status. And it’s eating up all the awards, too, having taken home the US Toy Association’s Overall Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards three years running.  

Squishing numbers: Squishmallows stats

From Plush to Powerhouse

Since its debut in 2017, huggable plush sensation Squishmallows has ascended beyond the toy aisle to become a $1bn* lifestyle franchise that allows fans, families, and collectors to share their love for their favorite brand in multiple fun ways.  

*Annual Sales 

Squish Squad

Squishmallows is a multigenerational brand with broad appeal. Its primary age group is Gen Z-ers between 12-24. Secondary is the new Generation Alpha, kids aged 6-12 years, whose spending power is expected to reach $5.46 trillion by 2029 according to research-based advisory firm, McCrindle. 

Social Standing

Championed by the likes of Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian, it didn’t take long for the brand to become an online sensation. To date, Squishmallows’ social content has amassed more than 13.7bn impressions, earning it over 1.7m followers. And, with over 127 global and local fan-created Facebook groups, there are many ways to reach the ‘Mallow mad.  

39% of our brand growth currently comes from non-plush products

Introducing Squishmallows at Fizz Creations

Recent figures from Squishmallows revealed 39% of their brand growth currently comes from non-plush products. And we expect to see this number rise as customer behavior evolves, with fans already seeking out new ways to take their obsession to the next level.

“Squishmallows is a cultural phenomenon. The online community is vast and passionate about the brand, and fans are hungry for more touchpoints beyond the toy aisle.”

~ Sam Ferguson, SVP Global Licensing, Jazwares

Squishmallows collections take many forms, for example by character, colour, or size, highlighting the sheer volume of opportunity in official merchandise. No matter how customers like to assemble their Squish Squad, our collection of licensed lighting and kitchen gadgets and homeware appeals to the masses.

Squishmallows USB powered neon lighting by Fizz Creations


This selection of USB powered lighting makes ideal gifting for collectors at every level. Whether they are looking to create a better display for their soft toys, highlight their favorite character, or squish-up their home’s decor, each piece offers a unique way to grow both their collection and love for the brand. 

The lighting range currently includes Squish Squad Neon Poster Light; Yellow Cam the Cat, Blue Winston the Owl, and Pink Fifi the Fox Neon Lights; Winston the Owl Silicon Mood Light; and Squishmallows String Lights, with an extended collection launching in 2025 for which we will be introducing even more characters! 

Winston the Owl Squishmallows Neon Light
Fifi the Fox Squishmallows Neon Light
Cam the Cat Squishmallows Neon Light
Squish Squad waffle maker

Kitchen Gadgets

These squishy snacks aren’t just for children! The Squish Squad Waffle Maker produces four different Squishmallows – all customers need to do is pour and press for mealtime ‘Mallow-shaped fun. Also, at a more accessible price point we have the Winston the Owl Pancake Pan, enabling the creation of tasty treats in no time at all.

Squish Squad Waffle Maker
350073 Squishmallows Winston Pancake Pan


We’ve established there is no such thing as having too many Squishmallows. However, there is such a thing as limited space to store them all. Which is why we created the Malcolm the Mushroom Woven Storage Box! Measuring 8.6” tall, it makes the perfect home for mini ‘Mallows. 

Malcom the Mushroom Basket and Squishmallows String Lights

Squishmallows is rocketing to new heights every year, so now is the perfect time to join the Squish Squad and pre-order your stock today.  

If you are interested in any of these products, contact your sales rep for more information! Alternatively, you can get in touch here, or register for a trade account today. 

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