Kidulting: Why playing with toys is the best part of being grown-up

Hop on the kidulting trend with our range of licensed Tetris lighting at Fizz Creations

Kidulting: Why playing with toys is the best part of being grown-up

If you’ve just realised you spent most of your childhood wanting to be an adult, only to wish you were a kid again when it finally happened, you’re not the only one. But aside from the zero-responsibility and more-energy-than-an-endurance-athlete parts, there is a way we can channel our inner children to indulge in a little light-hearted fun! It’s called kidulting, and if you aren’t doing it already, then here’s why you might want to get on board with this trend… 

What is kidulting?

Psychiatrist Dr Sonal Anand says ‘kidulting’ is all about embracing the childlike joy, curiosity, and playfulness that many adults might feel disconnected from due to grown-up life. It involves enjoying hobbies, games, and experiences that evoke a sense of nostalgia and carefree happiness. 

Yep – being immature could benefit your mental health! And you need only peer down the toy aisle for proof… 

43% of adults purchased a toy for themselves last year

More adults are buying toys for themselves and we’re here for it!

A recent article by CNN revealed adults bought more toys for themselves than any other age group in the last quarter. Furthermore, market research firm Circana reported that 43% of adults purchased a toy for themselves in the last year, the top reasons including personal fun, socialising, and collecting. As a result, adults have surpassed 3–5-year-olds as the most important demographic to the toy industry. 

Kidult toys

In response to this growing trend, more and more brands are releasing toys directly for the adult population. But kidulting isn’t exclusive to plushies, dolls and figurines. In fact, some kidult toys aren’t toys at all… 

In our last blog post, we discussed how Squishmallows’ revenue is becoming increasingly driven by non-plush products. Fans are looking for new ways to take their collections to the next level, branching out into new areas such as homeware. 

View and pre-order our new Squishmallows range here.

Squishmallows squish squad waffle maker
Squishmallows Winston the Owl mood light

Retro Gaming

Thanks to the kidulting trend, retro gaming is also making a comeback, attracting players both old and new. Software and gaming company Softflix insists it’s not just another fleeting fad, referring to this resurgence as a movement back to the basics of gaming, with simplistic formats offering a breath of fresh air amongst the complexity of modern game mechanics. Once again, nostalgia is the driving force, with 80s and 90s video games being the cornerstone of many players’ childhood. 

Surprisingly, we’re finding that nostalgia isn’t exclusive to those who were there the first time around. The return of retro gaming is part of a wider cultural phenomenon. With our youngest generations embracing fashion, entertainment, home decor, and even mobile phones(!) that predate them, classics like Tetris and PAC-MAN have secured their place in the future. 

PAC-MAN & Tetris Keyring Arcade Games make perfect kidulting


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the iconic Tetris arcade game. Last year, Apple TV released the highly praised ‘Tetris’ biographical thriller film starring Taron Egerton. And did you know, we even have a World Tetris Day? (It’s June 6th)! In response to its enduring popularity, we at Fizz Creations have partnered with Tetris to create a unique range of licensed products ideal for kidulting! 

Pocket-sized gaming for on the go

Missed the bus? No problem! You won’t mind waiting around if you’re carrying a tiny version of your favourite arcade game with you! Gamers can perfect their stacking skills wherever they go with the Tetris Keyring Arcade or Tetris Arcade Game in a Tin – and look cool doing it! With retro style casing and original sounds and gameplay, these pocket-sized games make great gifts for players of all ages. 

Tetris arcade game in a tin
Fizz Creations Tetris Keyring Arcade mirror

Giving living spaces a retro glow

But, as we said earlier, kidulting isn’t all toys and games. For some people, it’s about creating an environment that evokes this sense of nostalgia – and our super fun Tetris lighting collection is just the thing for it! Those looking to add some old school style to their home will love the Tetrimino Neon Lights, which can be hung on walls or placed anywhere using the stand included. Meanwhile, the Tetris Flow Light will infuse any space with some 1980s energy with its dynamic display! 

Tetris neon light purple by Fizz Creations
Tetris Flow Light by Fizz Creations


Together with the Tetris version, our PAC-MAN Arcade Game in a Tin won the Toy Award in the Teenage and Adult Category at this year’s Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair. With this mini-console, PAC-MAN fans can experience the world’s highest grossing arcade game ever in all its 8-bit glory wherever they go! Now that’s kidulting at its best!   

PAC-MAN Arcade Game Keyring also available. 

Pacman Arcade Game in a Tin by Fizz Creations
Fizz Creations PAC-MAN Keyring Arcade Mirror

 “Can you imagine if we had these when we were 12?” 

“Even better, we got them when we’re 40.”

~ Step Brothers, 2008 

In conclusion, adulting alone isn’t cutting it – and the freedom we experienced as kids can help us to counteract all the responsibilities we now find ourselves with. But kidulting doesn’t mean we want to be rid of responsibility; it’s these very obligations that allow us to afford such an escape from grown-up life. Contrary to when we were children, we now have the means to buy many of the things we want, this time with a different – perhaps more meaningful – appreciation for them. 

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